Mixed Messages - Random Meal Generator With ID Generation and Parsing

This is my mixed message generator.

I felt the task was too simple for a portfolio project, so I added a bit more functionality. The program can take in user input to weigh the random generation. Additionally after the meal is generated, an ID is provided. The ID is then run through a parser to output your meal. So if you like the random output you receive, you can then save the ID and always return to it.

The theme of meal generation is only a vehicle for the code. I don’t expect it to produce anything which actually tastes good. I finished this about 3 weeks ago, took me around 3 days to think everything through (probably around 6 hours of work total). I’m now getting around to sharing it and would love to hear any feedback.

Repository Link: GitHub - zanefoxc/randomMealGenerator
Direct Link to View the File on GitHub: randomMealGenerator/main.js at master · zanefoxc/randomMealGenerator · GitHub