Mixed Messages - Random Joke Generator

Here is the program I built for the Mixed Messages project:

It’s fairly simple - is there anything I could improve?


Avoid using global variables. For example, the variables jokePt1, jokePt2 and jokePt3 are used only in the fullJoke function. So move them inside the function:

// Create a complete joke with a function
const fullJoke = () => {
  let jokePt1 = messageArr1[randomNum(messageArr1)];
  let jokePt2 = messageArr2[randomNum(messageArr2)];
  let jokePt3 = messageArr3[randomNum(messageArr3)];
  return `${jokePt1} ${jokePt2}? ${jokePt3}! Haha!`;

This will make your code cleaner.

The other thing that you can improve is to introduce funcation that return not a random index for array but random element. So your code let jokePt1 = messageArr1[randomNum(messageArr1)]; will be like that let jokePt1 = randomElement(messageArr1);. Inside randomElement you can use existing randomNum function as a part of it.

Good work!