Mixed Messages - Random frases

Hi everyone, hope you guys are having fun learning!

I’ve been studying the full stack path in my spare time and at times I feel like I’m not advancing as much, and when I got to this project to my surprise, I was able to solve the problem.

To create what the project was asking, took me around 10 mins witch let me to believe that I was doing it wrong. So I saw the example that they provide, and it gave me some ideas. I decided I wanted to create one that created 3 messages and that non of the messages that it returned where repeated. To create that It took me around 40 mins.

I’m enjoying learning and it has been really interesting to see how much I’ve grown since I started.

Let me know what you think of the project, and if you have a more efficient way to write the code please let me know : ) would love to learn from you.

We hope you enjoyed this project!