Mixed Messages: R U Hungry Console Application

I really enjoyed doing this project!
It was a great learning experience! The project took me about 2 days of working on it on and off.

I used Python as well to scrape data.

Description of the project:

R U Hungry? :hamburger: :pizza: :fries:

My First Javascript Project

This is my first ever project working with JS.
I have created a console application called RUHungry. The code for the project can be found in the RUHungry.js file.

Description :books::

The application is meant to help those who are hungry, looking to cook a meal, but are unsure of what to make. The main function of the app is to choose, at random, a meal for the starter, main and dessert. Essentially presenting
a full menu to the user. The app presents the menu to the user by logging the dish and its name to the console and then
opening links for recipes to each dish. I believe this app would help me to be more experimental in the kitchen and to try new dishes.

Recipe data was scraped from the web and stored in text files for each course (ie starters, mains, desserts).
These text files can be found in the menu_files folder.
Data was scraped with Python and BS4.
This allowed me to read in the text files to build out the menu object in my .js file.

Often we get caught up in making the same old dishes over and over again.
To avoid this being the same with my app, I have added funcionality for users to add dish names and links to their recipes.
These dishes are stored in the appropriate text files so that they are read into the menu object the next time the programme is run.
This essentially allowing users to build out the menu object and customise it with dishes to their preference.

Future Goals/Improvements :airplane::

I would like to make this into a web app, that offers more customization for users.
I would like to also add features that allow for ranking of the dishes and for dishes to be removed if they were not
liked by the user.

As my coding skills progress I aim to improve upon this simple app as I believe it is a good idea.