Mixed Messages - Quest Generator for RPGs (Tabletop & Video Games)

Hello All!

I just finished my mixed messages project which can be found here. I created a quest generator that can be used for RPG tabletops or even video games. I believe the project wasn’t too difficult but it did have a learning curve when it came to using GitHub. I did create my project and then created a branch to work from. Once it was completed, I merged my branch with my main branch. I did run into some issues with the merging process but was able to get sorted out. The project took around 30 mins to an hour. The most difficult part was coming up with a topic to build my project around. If you have time, please take a look, run the code, and let me know if there are any suggestions or improvements that you can find! If you would like to work interactively with the GitHub project and commit your own changes, that would be awesome too!