Mixed Messages Project

Hello guys,

for the Mixed-Messages project I made a simple code
that randomly selects your lunch from 3 ingredients.

here is the link:


Hello @digital3362804863

I viewed your code on GitHub.
I like how easy it was to read and understand the code.

I am not a professional where I can give a feedback on your code. But just wanted to support your work.

All the very best on your journey.

Happy Coding! :raised_hands:

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Just some light notes:

  1. your arrays terminate with a comma with nothing after them, this is unnecessary iirc.
  2. the output array is completely unnecessary as you’re only pushing ultimately 1 element into it, you could instead put the randomized message into a string variable or set it as the return value.

Otherwise, it looks very interesting and useful for getting meal ideas! :slight_smile:

I envy your commenting skills because that’s one thing I could 1000000% improve on when coding.

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