Mixed messages project

I made a simple word game with a short story that would randomly add words for adjectives, verbs and nouns. Not sure if
I should have done something a bit more complicated. I read something about iterators in the project and I definetly didn’t use one.

here is the link:

Seems to work! Nice job.

Things can always be more complicated. I find it’s good to start at a place that’s simple and where you have something that works, and build slowly from there. Trying to start with something complicated can get frustrating. That said, if everything always works or you find things easy, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself sometimes. Just be ready to bring it back to more basic levels to troubleshoot.

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Thanks for the advice, I am thinking I will try to make things more complicated around the end of the Full Stack developer course.
Then I can bring everything together and hopefully it will help me start a new career.

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