Mixed Messages Project

I spent WAAYYY too long on the Readme.md, because I’m a slob with grammar and forget everything.

The plan was to make an object and quickly retrieve key value pairs based on the randomized number, but I was an idiot and didn’t read the fine print very well, so back to the drawing board.
The second plan was to make a fortune teller/cookie machine, but I’m not good at making fortunes.
Backup plan was on a whim. I thought about the ‘Monster Hunter’ game and the project objective reminded me of the “Hunter Title” that players give themselves to represent their inner feelings (note to self: they don’t have any :joy:).

Here is a link to my project, in all of its disastrous glory.

Aside from the jabs. Looking at another users code is a very humbling experience, especially if you think yours is bad in comparison. I’ve actually had to rewrite a LOT of my code MULTIPLE TIMES after a small glance at their repo, and much table flippage. Even the Readme.md on another users pages makes me go back and rewrite almost everything…you shouldn’t do that by the way.

This project can be completed in less than 30min, and bit longer if you’re pushing to your GitHub repo remotely (like you’re supposed to, and might I add, magically?). However, we can definitely make it as unique as we want and push ourselves just a little bit more. Future updates to this project are to add HTML and CSS elements to make it look like the real deal.

As usual, comments about improvements, grammar, tips, tricks and your favorite ice cream are greatly appreciated…I hope I did it right. Maybe one day we’ll collaborate :blush: :nauseated_face: