Mixed Messages Project

Hi all!

This is my first attempt at an actual project. I really loved completing it. It took me just over a few hours and I used GitBash for SVC which was amazing for tracking the changes and working out any issues / bugs as they appeared. I created a html, css and js file so I could see it all working together and trying to combine what I have learned so far. Please feel free to check it out at my gitHub repo: GitHub - dreaKeown/mixedMessagesProject: First project. This is a random message generator

Any comments / feedback or suggestions will be very warmly received to help me learn!

Hope I am doing this right! Good luck to everyone with their course!



Looks great!

Good idea to couple it with HTML and CSS to make a mini website!

I would also recommend that you try using GitHub pages to make a ‘live’ version of the site available.
(If you are on the Full-Stack engineer path, you will learn this later. I believe it is in the front-end engineer bath too.)

Just a few things to note:

Once you have clicked the button to generate a message, if you click it again, only the color changes and not the message or the number.

Also, you can use an array for the messages and just use number to reference the array. This could mean that you could remove the switch conditional. Doing this wouldn’t make much difference in your case but for larger programs, it could lead to better performance.

Hope that helps!

Hi there,

Thank you so so much for this feedback! It is greatly appreciated. I noticed that issue with clicking again and the other elements not changing. I’ll take another look and see if I can solve it.

Also, great suggestion about a live version on gitHub. I’m still very new to all this but so excited to challenge myself and take any suggestions on board and thank you for the array suggestion also. I’m plodding my way through the course material but I’ll definitely go back and see if I can actualize your suggestions.

It’s very kind of you to take time to feed this back to me! : )

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Hi bcoding21,

I integrated all your changes and (hopefully) published the site correctly on GitHub pages here: Mixed Messages
I would be so grateful if you could check it out and see if I have made the correct changes you suggested and published ok?



Well done on publishing it to GitHub pages - Looks good to me.
The changes appear to have works because all three components are re-generated when the button is clicked.

Well done! :smiley:

Hey there,

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to look at this and your fabulous feedback. It really is invaluable. Much appreciated. I’m really touched you took your own personal time out to look at this for me.

Thank you!

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