Mixed Messages Project


About Project

This is a portfolio JavaScript Project on completion of module 7 in Codecademy’s Full Stack Engineer Path.
This project required us to generate random message whenever it is run by the user.

Thought Process

1.Created an Array of Objects called quotes and each object have quote and author property.

2.Copied 8 quotes to make 8 objects of this array.

  1. Used Math. random() and Math.Floor to generate a random number between 0 & length of Array -1.

4.Used Template Literal to print quote onto the console.

What is next

1.Till Now I have not done DOM, so I didn’t create UI for this project. But in the coming time, I will create UI for this project using HTML, CSS and JS.

2.After studying API’s, I use a quote API to generate a random message and print it on a webpage.

Here is link to GitHub Mixed Messages
Looking Forward To FeedBack
Thank You