Mixed Messages Project

Hi all,

I’ve just completed the Mixed Messages project :slight_smile:

This was quite a tough yet thoroughly rewarding challenge, that took me roughly 24 hours to complete.

I’d love to gather feedback on what I did well and what I could improve upon.

You can view my project on GitHub here: GitHub - apstevens/mixedMessages

Thanks in advance :wink:

First of all would be nice to know your name jeje, system3199… is kind of weird. Also, I suggest that you deploy your project with GitHub pages and insert the link within the readme. If you do so, everyone can click there and see the result without downloading, cloning or forking your code.
The process is very easy, just open the settings menu of your repo and look at the end of it for the gh-pages section. With just one click you deploy your project and we all can see it!