Mixed Messages Project

Hey all,

Just finished the Mixed Messages project! I decided to make a nonsensical joke generator that creates a random setup question and a random punchline. Any comments/feedback about it would be extremely appreciated!

Link to my project: https://github.com/jjhome123/mixed-messages

My main problem during this project was with trying to update my Github repository with my local repository. If I remember correctly, this was my process:

  1. I started this project on one machine on a local repository, then created a new Github repository and
    tried to push the contents of the local to the Github one (which didn’t work).

  2. From there I think I added a new blank .js file to the Github repository and just copy+pasted the code from my local js file into the Github one.

  3. From there I made several pull requests and updated the README and js using the same steps as #2

The process felt very awkward, especially since the previous module before the Mixed Messages Project was encouraging us to use Git via the terminal. Nevertheless I was able to upload my project to Github through an alternative means.

Overall it took me several days on and off to complete this project, and I definitely suffered from scope creep because I didn’t properly establish what I wanted to achieve with this project at the beginning. At first the program simply returned a premade joke from a single array of 20 jokes. I realized this didn’t satisfy the project requirements (we needed 3 pieces of data) so I overhauled the original script and wrote the one thta achieves the functionality described at the top of this post.

All in all I feel like this was a great starting project for me because it took me out of the Codecademy website and had me use my text editor, Git Bash, and Github in tandem.

Really enjoyed this and I’m looking forward to future projects (and a better understanding of Git)