Mixed Messages Project - WillG - Fantasy Premier League transfer advice


This is my first Portfolio Project that I’m posting. It was a fun mini-project to work on, took me a couple of hours or so and am pleased with the final outcome.

I decided to do something different, taking data from Fantasy Premier League (https://fantasy.premierleague.com/) and then recommend a random player transfer to make.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

It’s superb
Try making a lot of this

@ayaan753luck - thanks for the encouragement! I am working on a web app related to analysing FPL data - it’s not yet on GitHub as I started it before learning how Git works, so I have some code written that could help with the further functionality ideas (I’ll end up combining the two!)

Hey @will92g
I am working on Github
I am a beginner on Github so any basic info

Hey, this is great! I really like the creativity you showed with the implementation of the player data into the messaging. Inspired me to go back and expand upon my own project.