Mixed Messages Project - Self Actualization Quotes

Here is my code, I’m not too great at online collaborations, hopefully i can get some experience with this

It looks great! Only one note, the inconsistency of the semi-colons,
There are semicolons on lines 6 & 7 but no where else! :sweat_smile:

Its a small nit-pick, but its always nice to get in the habit of being consistent (Especially with semi-colons).
As you move on to larger and more complex projects, staying consistent with the porjects styling makes maintaining it less of a head ache for everyone. :+1:

Oh also all the lets can be replaced with consts, from the looks of it not a single variable is being mutated/re-assigned. (Another small nit-pick, but there you go :sweat_smile:)

Thanks! I know I should be more consistent, I’m just usually so impatient to get through the course to go back and change things lol.