Mixed Messages Project - Random Menu, w/ html, css, js, & json


We did a team project, with three of us who found each other on the Codecademy discord server. One focused on html/css & the wireframe, the other frontend JS, and the third was backend focused and project manager (ie json file).

We specifically tried to make the project easier so we could focus on working in a team. This project turned out well, but the real focus on a first project like this is working locally on VSCode etc and working on teamwork. One thing that was helpful was installing node, npm, and liveserver. We enjoyed the project so much so that we’re working on another project together.

One tip is to interview people before you start on the project. Not everyone is going to be a good fit for your team - we had to let one member good unfortunately, so we had four members when we first started.

You should start your project by discussing the wireframe and have a pseudo-data contract between the front end and back end. And create your own kanban board on github.

Any feedback would be great.



Good day,

Good job on the project!

May I suggest hosting it via either GitHub Pages or Vercel?

I’ll check it out, thanks.