Mixed Messages Project: Random Cricket Captaincy!


This is my mixed messages portfolio project, Random Cricket Captaincy! This is also my first post in the forum so hello to everyone, it’s good to be part of the group.

My project aims to simulate the decision making of an inept cricket captain, Hugo Swigalot. The extended version of the script is more interesting as it assigns roles to the whole team - if you know your fielding positions it comes up with some pretty unusual field placements!

I found the coding part of this project fairly straightforward. It took me a while to get to grips with Git and GitHub but I’m feeling confident with that now. There is something strangely satisfying with using the bash terminal! I’d say the initial project took me a few hours, then another couple to complete the extension, readme and tidy up loose ends.

Please check out my project:
Random Cricket Captaincy!