Mixed Messages Project-Moody Messages

This is my project and I would like anyone at all to review this code and give out recommendations. In the code I commented some part where I want the message to be generated based on a specific mood determined by the user. I already created a method for that but am having a bit of issue. If anyone has an idea of what can be done to correct it i would appreciate it.

Hi chip!
Let me see if I’m understanding your code, and question, correctly:
Currently your code logs one of each type of quote to the console i.e., happy, sad and motivational.

What you want to do is take an input from the user wherein they specify a mood and then, based on this mood, provide them with a message?

If this is the case, there is a codecademy article on taking input from the console.

After taking the input, it would be a simple matter of conditionals to check which mood the user picked.

Happy coding!