Mixed Messages Project: Inspirational Quote Generator

Project Review:

This project was excellent for integrating the different skills we’ve learned with basic Java, Node, and version controlling with Git & GitHub. I found the project challenging yet fruitful with being able to remember how each different component works like using different commands using Git to create a repository and have different files uploaded within it.

I found that Git Desktop is a lifesaver. It allows the user to operate with a visual and simple interaction with GitHub vs using basic command line (GitBash) inputs.

Estimate Of How Long It Took:

Overall this project took around 5 hours. The planning phase and getting things connected with git on my device, and my git repository. Writing the code was pretty straight forwards, after planning out the basic framework, I input the javascript conditions desired into ChatGPT to get inspiration on the JS that would be used. It worked wonders.

Link To Project Repo:

Thankyou for any feedback in advance.
Happy Coding!