Mixed Messages Project - geebucks - Whisky Night

Hi all,
I just finished my second attempt at this project. Initially, I followed the letter of the law with respect to the project and put out a concise, but very simple encouraging message generator. Once I got looking at some of my peers’ submissions, I realized I didn’t put the effort in that I needed.

So - I started from scratch and built a whisky night bottle selector. Time wise, the initial message generator took me about 30 minutes and the re-done project was probably closer to three hours.

With respect to the difficulty of the project, I believe that is completely up to the user. It’s as challenging as you make it.

Check it out here:

Let me know your thoughts! Any and all feedback is welcome.


Just saw your comment on my project so thought I’d come and take a look at yours! Looking great. How are you getting on with Codecademy courses in general?

My only comment for your program would be on the lines where you select a bottle.
E.g. bottle1 = whiskies[pick1][Math.floor(Math.random() * 5)];

Rather than multiplying by 5, maybe multiply by whiskies[pick1/2/3].length. This way, you can add extra whiskies to the array and the program will still function without needing to change each line one by one.

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Hey thanks for the feedback! I agree about the change - I was just thinking that I should make it responsive to different length arrays. Good call.

I’m enjoying the courses overall. I think the difficulty is quite inconsistent, but the hard parts do help me learn the content, especially if I need to go back over the relevant lesson. How are you finding it?

@geebucks. Yeah, I’m enjoying working through it. I started on the Web Development course, but then they released this Full-Stack one as an alternative, so going through that - it’s a good refresher of bits I forgot.

Agreed about the difficulty. Some parts I get pretty lost as it breezes through it all quickly, but then other parts I feel didn’t need 12 pages of a lesson to explain. Haha

I just joined a Codecademy Charter and had a meeting tonight. Sounds like it’s a good addition if you want to speka to others/collaborate/etc.

@will92g Ha - me too. I was about 20% through that when the new path dropped, so made the switch.

Yep, definitely agree that there’s probably a middle ground in terms of difficulty/explanation needed. Oh well, it’s working so far.

Oh, what is that? Discussion & collaboration are certainly things I’m interested in!

I looked through your code. Good stuff…of course, I did like you and limited myself in the number of variations of the string to randomize by randomizing by a specific number instead of array.length…next time!
Good job

@geebucks - up in the top right of the discuss.codecademy.com page you will see “Chapters”. Here you can find communities. The one I joined was Milton Keynes UK as it seemed one of the more active UK ones.