Mixed Messages Project: Feedback requested

Hello to the community here. It’s my first time posting here. As part of the full-stack track, this Mixed Messages project was my first Portfolio project in the learning track.

In this Node.js project, I decided to use the Chalk npm package to add some colour to the output in the terminal. I also used the Readline module for being able to get input from the user. It would be great to have some feedback on this project. The app is really simple in that it asks for the user’s name and if the user would like a quote. It then provides a quote and continues to ask if the user would like another quote until it receives a “no”.

Link to project

its very creative. i really want to thank you for this effort.
you did a great job, keep going.
Good luck.

Thank you very much for your feedback with regards to my project. It’s very appreciated.