Mixed Messages Project - Celebrity Date

Hey, really enjoyed this project, straight forward. Took me a day or so pondering ideas (the one I came up with was a bit cheesy!) trying out different versions of the code, simplifying it and adding styling as an extra. Any feedback would be well received.

Check out the github page link here; [GitHub - jamesHarradon/Mixed-Messages-Project]

View the page live here; [https://jamesharradon.github.io/]



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Hi @digital6691234414 ,

What a fun page you put together. I like your idea.

Somethings that caught my eye when looking at your live page and code.

  1. live page: you may want to consider a “refresh” button that would trigger your script to be run again and update the page.
  2. Code: In looking at your code it is well organized in the index.html file. Any thoughts on separating your code out into 3 different files (index.html, style.css, app.js)? I would definitely be interested in hearing your reasoning for a single file approach.

Keep it up!!


Thank you for the feedback :grinning: really appreciate it.

  1. That is a good idea, hadn’t thought of that, I will look at adding one.

  2. I think it was because I knew the javascript and css would only ever apply to the one html page and it would be simpler than creating 3 separate files and had seen it done before. To be honest, I think I’ll stick to the three separate file format you suggested in future, seems the preferred way.

Thanks again.