Mixed Messages Project - An Inspirational Endeavor

This project was a good portfolio project to start with. It allowed me to use arrays and store those arrays in an object, along with a method that generates random messages. I got stuck for 2 hours trying to figure out why my NodeJS requires statement wouldn’t work…it would error out saying that it couldn’t find my 2nd module, messages. Turns out, I had an extra space at the end of the path to the file!
All in all, it took me about 3 hours to code (with the 2 hours of troubleshooting as previously mentioned)

Here is the link to my source. Feedback is welcome.

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Hey @rubyblaster61481 , just had a look through your code and it looks great! I had been looking for ways to get user input with Node so looking at your code has helped me here, thanks!

Loved the bit about being stuck for 2 hours because of a space - I keep finding myself in these situations all the time. Frustrating, but all part of the learning process I guess, haha.

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I’m glad you were able to garner some take-a-ways from it. I’m new to the open source community. In my past life I only worked on closed source code bases (C# + VB.Net) using a versioning system called PERFORCE. So, Git, and it’s open source concept has been a refreshing turn for me. As for the space issue, I had to get up, walk away, do something else for a while, and then come back. It was relatively quick to find after that…well, after comparing character by charcater to the loDash project that CodeCademy had me do previously :grinning:
Again, thank you.

I’m enjoying the open-source side too. I’m pretty new to this all and only really have experience of using a bit of Matlab and C++ at uni. I think the collaboration, idea sharing, peer review, etc is really great, so starting to try and use the forums more now.

I feel your pain with the space issue. Sometimes getting up and walking away is the best solution. I taught myself piano and I always found if I couldn’t grasp something, going to bed and trying again in the morning cemented it in my mind much more effectively than practicing! Haha.

I’m gonna try and implement what I’ve taken away from your project into mine. Thank you!