Mixed Messages: Productivity Prompt

Hello fellow Full Stack learners,

Here is my go at the Mixed Messages Portfolio Project. I look forward to everyone’s feedback so that I can learn from you as well.

  • Your review of the Project. Was it easy, difficult, just right?

This project was difficult at first as I was making it more difficult for myself. Once I simpilifed the project it went relatively smoothly. So I would say it was just about right.

  • An estimate of how long it took you to complete

it took approximately 6 hours to plan, try a couple of different strategies, and to reach this final result.

Link to my Mixed Messages repository.

Thanks for taking time to look at my work.

Kind Regards,


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Hey there,

Nicely done, really liked the prompts.

Just a small tip, you might want to rearrange your code to have the helper functions first and then final function that uses all your helper function. It will make it quicker to follow the logic in the code.



Thanks for looking at my code and your input. I really appreciate it.

Interest that you bring up putting the “helper” functions first then the main. I have also seen theory of putting the main function first to get the gist of the program right at the top with the “helper” functions below.

I can definitely see the benefits of both ways of organizing code. It just makes me think which was is better. Maybe it is only a preference.

Thank you again @narencodes. I really appreciate taking time to look at my project.


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Great job my friend!

I would try the option of creating arrays for each set of phrases and then use `Math.random() * arr.length to get it.
And maybe I would try to shorten everything to just one function. :slight_smile:

Oh, I had no idea about the two schools of thought about the helper function conventions. I guess this is what they mean when it comes to coding style and everyone discovers their own style over time. Best wishes for your journey ahead!

hey Jason nice work on the project - I noticed we both used objects to store our message banks.

One thing I did was use a function that automatically reads the size of the object passed in, and creates a random number based on that, so it will continue to work even if messages are added or deleted from the message bank object.

thought this might be useful for yours also… but anyway I’m new round here so just putting a msg out to connect.

good luck with the next steps in the course… I got dizzy scrolling down the syllabus.

I agree. I am still very much learning myself. Good luck on your journey as well. If you ever want to work together on a project or get peer review I am happy to help and learn.

Thank for your input and feedback. I was torn between an object and an array. For you do you see a benefit to using one over another??

I know my code is verbose and minimizing the code to be most efficient in terms of number of lines of code is something I struggle with.

Hi Dymock,

Thanks for you feedback. I ending up including a function in as well to get the “length” of an object. Thanks for the idea.

I am learning as well and know what you mean about the syllabus. But one lesson at a time and one project at a time. We will get through this. If you are ever stuck, reach out. Two heads are better than one.


Yo btw I did reply here went as a DM though . I guess either works, anyway yep let’s see how this syllabus pans out

Hi Dymock,

I got your DM, thanks for the message.

Hi All,

After taking inspiration from fellow learners. I have published this project as a website. Feel free to check it out.


I am always welcome to feedback.