Mixed Messages: Potion Recipe Generator (feedback welcome!)

Hey, everyone! My name’s Zach—call me Argon if you like—and, like many of you, this was my first portfolio project.

This project had a lot of potential routes you could take, and I wanted to try something original, and this is what I landed on: a script that generates random, fantastical potion recipes. You can see the README.md in my repo for more detailed information & usage instructions.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this! I didn’t find the underlying logic for randomizing the message too difficult to write, although I did go for a relatively basic approach. Honestly the hardest part was coming up with creative things to write in the recipes themselves! I’d definitely like to return to this project in the future to see if I can expand it, fine-tune it, and make the logic more complex. I think it’ll be interesting to see how the project evolves once I have more knowledge from later in the back-end engineering career path.

From the time I started brainstorming ideas to the moment I pushed my final commit to GitHub, I’d say the project took me 3-4 hours. Most of that time was spent coming up with message components, refining the message formatting, and playing around with Git to learn how it all works. The underlying code probably only took 30 minutes to an hour.

Here’s my repo. This is my first time ever sharing my code with anyone, so any feedback is appreciated!

Keep on keeping on,

Your code looks good. You really went the extra mile on this one.

Thank you! I’m always really nervous about sharing my work—code or otherwise—but I am proud of how this project panned out.