Mixed Messages - Performance Review Randomizer

Are you a busy boss who can’t stand hearing your employees go on about personal development? Isn’t it enough that you let them work here?

We know you have other things to focus on, like golf, and sucking up to your boss, so we’ve made this Performance Review Randomizer just for you. Spent too much time ‘relationship building’ with clients to actually turn up at the office? Doesn’t matter. Don’t know what your team got up to in the last 3 months? Irrelevant. Their goals for the next 3 months? Who cares.

This is designed to run in Node, from the working directory run:
$ node main.js name rating

  • Name - leave blank for a random name
  • Rating - good, bad, or blank for a random review
  • Leave both blank for it to be completely random
  • If you want to get a good/bad review with a random name, enter ??? as the name

Found this quite easy, hope you enjoy it!