Mixed Messages OSRS Style!

So I took inspiration from a friend who made a very short RPG style sentence and gave it some old school runescape elements.

Here’s a link to the git

I found this project a lot easier than expected although I did keep the scope very simple and stuck to it. I could have added more complexity to the result or used some more complex language so I may revisit it again in future.

After spending a good few hours getting all the software set up and running the actual coding took me less than an hour from start to finish.

Would love your feedback or suggestions if you have any!

Hi @danjpixel!

Thank you for linking me here. I like your code, it’s easy to read.

After looking at your code, I decided to implement the change I mentioned in my thread. Now my random number generator is a random selector and returns the selection instead of a number, saving me a few keystrokes in my message generating function. I don’t know if that’s something you want to try, but if you want to see my update, it’s here.

I also noticed you made a readme.txt instead of a readme.md. Github won’t render the markdown you’ve put into that file, just something to think about.

The code looks good though, you definitely added more features to yours than I did!

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Yes I liked your improvement there it’s much cleaner. That was the kind of solution I had in mind to begin with but didn’t spend too much time trying to realise it, I might come back to it another time and change that whole number section.

I’ll definitely switch that README to a md file and play with the formatting I like yours a lot. It even displays nicely on mobile.

Thanks for the tips anyway!

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