Mixed Messages - Nonsensical Horoscope Generator

Hello! I am a new programmer and I created a random horoscope generator. Fairly quick and easy as it has only 1 real method and most of the time was spent creating fun arrays to generate the horoscope.

Challenge was with GitHub - for some reason I cannot connect either Git or VisualStudioCode to Github so had to upload the files manually, which isnt the way it should be done but I’ve tried everything to no avail. Please advise if you have any suggestions.

Any advice or comments welcome! Thanks!

Github link: git_practice/NonsensicalHoroscopeGeneratorv1.js at main · SudyS88/git_practice · GitHub


So if you’ve run git init, used git add on you files, and git commit on them as well, go to GitHub, create a new repository, and follow the directions for connecting to an existing project and enter all the code lines one by one (not all at the same time), then reload the GitHub page. Let me know if you’re still having issues after trying this.