Mixed Messages - Next Life Predictions

Hi everyone,

I’ve completed my version of the mixed messages exercise and now I’m looking for some feedback on my solution.
It took me maybe about 4 hours altogether and I felt it wasn’t that difficult to complete. I actually found the credit card checker more challenging, so this one was more for fun.

Here’s a link to my repository: next-life-predictions/script.js at main · atanas-dim/next-life-predictions · GitHub

Any comments and feedback are very welcome!


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Very fun, I appreciate knowing that I’ll be able to teleport one day :slight_smile:

That’s a creative use of getters, I really like it. Never thought of that method when reading through the project description.

Glad you tried my code :slight_smile: Yeah, I came up with that after I already had my first solution, but really wanted to use the script with some basic html on my website. So what I’ve learned is that using getters would create a new random message on every click of a button, while some other options will need page reload. Also uploaded on codepen - https://codepen.io/atanasdim/pen/XWNJQKJ