Mixed Messages - Motivational Raffle

Hello everyone! You can find my take on this project here. The part I had to research a bit involved using node.js, because it’s very new for me. I enjoyed working on this project and I hope to receive feedback for making it better. Thanks!


Hello @ajax2536158804!
Love your project, I like how you are looking in to the .txt files to call the quotes and the emojis. I don’t understand how to do that yet. : (
To make the project more challenging you could try to return two inspirational quotes making sure that they are never repeated.
Seems like you are having a lot of fun, really nice work!

Hello Teo. Great choice using fs. I feel I should also have used it (┬┬﹏┬┬)

Your code looks nice and neat. Congrats!

Hello Teo.
Great idea using fs. Good job!