Mixed messages: Motivational messages

Hi Everyone,

I have just finished the “Mixed Messages” project and am happy to receive any feedback!

I found this project a little hard but it was because there was a mistake I did. It was challenging and I liked that.

This project took me about 1 day to complete.

Here’s a link to the project on Github:

What do you think of my project? do you have a different way to do it? if so, I’d really love to know-how.


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Looks pretty solid to me!
The only thing I’d recommend is to create a third function to wrap lines 13 → 32 that return the joined phrases. Then log the result of running that function. It would make things more modular and keep your “phrases” variable out of the global scope which would protect it.

I’m going to attempt my first pull request and implement this :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot for your help…