Mixed Messages: Magic Eight Ball!

Hey guys! Check out my magic eight ball app!


I like your project idea and design of your website. Nice job to have a replica of the bottom of the Magic 8 ball on your page.

I have done a project similar to this, but in looking at your app.JS file your code is cleaner than mine. I also like that you validated the question entered in the text input field.

A couple of things that you may want to consider:

  • currently the question asked remains in the text field, you may want to look into a way to removed the question once the button is pushed.
  • also for the button and text field on your page they seem to be sitting right on top of each other, you may want to add some “margin-bottom” to the button element in your CSS file. If you have not gone through it already, more about styling is coming up in the syllabus.

Overall nice work on this project.

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