Mixed Messages - Mad Libs!

For the Mixed Messages project, I decided go with generating a mad libs story. I could’ve stuck with one story, but I decided to get too ambitious and not only randomize the words, but also randomize the story.

It was tricky to create my factory function to utilize a function to generate each story, but once the structure was set up, the rest ended up being a breeze, and I was able to complete this within 3 hours. I would appreciate any feedback on the code or documentation anyone would have :slight_smile:

The GitHub repository can be found here: https://github.com/amekiro/mixed_messages

I took a look at my code again and decided to make some changes in how individual words are stored. This created more flexibility should I need a type of word currently not available in my word bank. I find that this version reduces repetition in the code and is easier to read for me. I like this version more, but I would still like something in the story array that would make it easier to read.

Link (same link as above, I just renamed the repository): https://github.com/amekiro/mixed_messages-JavaScript-

I love this the first one I generated is so funny.


Today, my fabulous camp group went to a meek amusement park. It was a fun park with lots of cool tigers and enjoyable play structures. When we got there, my kind counselor shouted loudly, "Everybody off the pig." We all pushed out in a terrible hurry. My counselor handed out yellow tickets, and we scurried in. I was so excited! I couldn't figure out what exciting thing to do first. I saw a scary roller coaster I really liked so, I quickly ran over to get in the long line that had about 3 people in it. When I finally got on the roller coaster I was saw. In fact I was so nervous my two knees were knocking together. This was the darkest ride I had ever been on! In about two minutes I heard the crank and grinding of the gears. That's when the ride began! When I got to the bottom, I was a little laughed but I was proud of myself. The rest of the day went silently. It was a fun day at the fun park.

Also, I like that you make a good readME.md file. I don’t see many well-formatted readME.md files on repositories.

Thank you for the feedback, Ethan. Although my current job is not entirely web development, I faced enough issues with going through tasks without the proper documentation. I’m hoping with enough practice, I can quickly write sufficient documentation without too much effort :slight_smile:

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Looks awesome, congrats! :tada:
I particuarly agree with with @ethanmasterprogram said, it’s really uncommon to see such a heavily detailed README.MD file on projects like this and it’s a really nice touch!