Mixed Messages - Mad Libs

Hello everyone!

This is my first post to the forums. The project took a little longer than expected because
I had not yet set up my local environment and learning Git and GitHub is quite the challenge at the beginning. I am also an over thinker, so I hope to get more confident in my skills in the future. Total time: about 5 hours. When you review my work please let me know if I can simplify in anyway. I look forward to your feedback!

Below is the project description found in the Full Stack Path:

For this project, you will build a message generator program. Every time a user runs a program, they should get a new, randomized output. You’re welcome to take the project in a couple of different forms, like an astrology generator, inspirational message, or nonsensical jokes. To make your program truly random, the message that it outputs should be made up of at least three different pieces of data. Take what you know of JavaScript syntax so far to build the program and customize it to your liking.

Happy coding!

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