Mixed Messages: M.A.S.H. Generator

Hello all, came to post my code here from the Mixed Messages project!

I’m not sure if any of you guys played the game “M.A.S.H.” as a child at school but I decided to make my project as a simulated version of that. MASH takes random Occupations, housing situations and salaries and predicts your future. It is meant to be fun with a mix of good options and bad options.

I found this project fairly easy, implementing basic JavaScript techniques, but it was also fun because up until this point in the full-stack course we haven’t had a chance to apply our JavaScript learning to a project.

I know my code is very simple, but the tasks didn’t really ask me to make it a difficult challenge!

Tell me what you think!

kyle-tunis/portfolio_project: Creating a “MASH” game generator for codecademy portfolio project. (github.com)