Mixed Messages: Lorem Ipsum

Have a look here: RANDOM LOREM IPSUM

Decided to go with generating random segments of lorem ipsum - there is already plenty of this however wanted to try using import export features of JavaScript. i had many issues using git when i encountered an issue whereby merging branches was impossible, but other than this, plan sailing.

Feedback welcome.

Nice work! Just a personal preference, but I would like the first word capitalized as well as any word that appears after a period. How are you generating the actual latin words?

nothing special, just a literal string held in the words module which i import and convert to an array to make creating the output easier. We could use an API to get a bigger source - there are many but this was outside the scope of this project. Whilst i do push random Latin words to the return array, unless you speak Latin - you probably couldn’t tell at face value it was randomly assigned, that being said - i presume Latin follows similar rules as to English so capitalization would definitely ‘smarten’ the output!

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