Mixed Messages - Korean Drama Series Generator

Hi Guys!

I just finished the Mixed Messages project in Javascript. My idea was to create a randomizer to recommend what Korean drama series to watch. Basically this is for people who is having a hard time choosing which drama to choose (one of them is me). LOL

I haven’t implemented the UI yet as I was just using my knowledge about the past topics – all about arrays and functions. I just stored the data in a single array, made a function to randomize a number using the array’s length, then used this random number to loop over the array and return the selected drama.

Link to Github Repo: Fullstack-Engineer-Path-Codecademy/Mixed-Messages at master · japyg/Fullstack-Engineer-Path-Codecademy · GitHub

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

THATS SO AWESOME. Anime recs next? hahah

Haha! Dr. Stone was the last anime I watched.

OOHHH. Ive never watched that one. Currently following spy x family

You should watch it! It’s really good and you’ll learn so much about Science and inventions :smiley: