Mixed Messages: Knock Knock Jokes

The project wasn’t too difficult (it was just right for a starter js project), the difficult for me part was implementing the input dialogue but once I found the correct dependency for it, I got the hang of it pretty quick. Another thing that I had difficulty with was implanting the terminal command to call the script from wherever I was in the terminal but once I found out about ‘pushd’ and ‘popd’ it was a piece of cake. The project was really fun to work on and I plan to continue adding more knock knock jokes.

Since I used a lot of good jokes I wanted to give the user the chance to choose between a completely random and nonsensical joke or an actual joke combination and I think I handled that logic pretty well but I’d like your feedback :).

It took me like 2-3 hours to get all the base code in order but given that I wanted to add user input and a shell command, I would say that the actual end product took me around a day and half (on and off because I had to study)

Link to my repo for the code

PS.: If you have any joke suggestions shoot them at me as well, as I plan to continue adding jokes to the generator.