Mixed Messages :: Knock Knock joke generator

Hi, all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Here’s my portfolio project. I stuck with the Knock Knock jokes as I liked the consistent structure which can obviously easily replicated in output.

You can find the repo here: message_generator

I would be grateful for any review / feedback especially coding style, tips etc. At this stage everything’s working but I know I’m probably committed style issues which I would like to knock over now (excuse the pun!)

Thank you and stay safe!



Nice job!

In terms of feedback, I wonder if this can be abstracted a little further:

function initJokeStore() {
  jokeStore.addJoke('Cow says.','No, a cow says mooooo!');
  jokeStore.addJoke('Armageddon.','Armageddon a little bored. Let’s go out.');
  jokeStore.addJoke('Stopwatch.','Stopwatcha doin’ and open the stupid door.');
  jokeStore.addJoke('Rough.','Rough, rough, rough! It’s your dog!');
  jokeStore.addJoke('Jester.','Jester silly old man!');
  jokeStore.addJoke('Egg.','Eggcited to see me?');
  jokeStore.addJoke('Amish!','You’re not a shoe!');
  jokeStore.addJoke('Dishes!','Dishes the police come out with your hands up.');
  jokeStore.addJoke('Gorilla!','Gorilla burger! I’ve got the buns!');
  jokeStore.addJoke('Twit.','Did anyone else hear an owl?');

So for example it takes a txt file (or json or whatever) and process it where for every line it runs jokeStore.addJoke(line);. That way you can reduce those 10 or so lines to maybe 1 or 2 :slight_smile: . And then anyone can come and insert their joke file and have the program be tailored to their humor…


Great shout. I’ll do that and repost. Thanks for the feedback.

Great job, I liked it !

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Hi, @toastedpitabread.

I’ve made the proposed changes … the app now will import a txt file and generate the jokes.

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