I MADE A POKER HAND/CARD DEALER! :spades: :hearts: :diamonds: :clubs:

After reading the project’s description and objectives provided by @codecademy, I thought I would challenge myself and make my program more complex than what was requested in the project outline. Little did I know what I was getting myself into when I set the goals I did, I had no idea how complex applying a seemingly simple concept such as allocating a unique card to each player could become, at least how I did it… :melting_face: :rofl: I got there in the end, hope you all enjoy my first Portfolio Project with @codecademy!

  • Please do feel free to point out anything I could have done better or let me know any questions you may have by replying to this post. This is after all a safe space.

For more context on where I am in my journey: I have completed 25% of the Full Stack Engineer Career Path and have no prior software or IT experience, in fact, I am actually currently working as a delivery driver hoping to change my career soon after this course.

  • Was it easy, difficult, or just right? Your review of the Project:*
    Great way to practice the concepts learnt thus far. A good start as it was my first and likely to be many other students’ first portfolio project. If I didn’t add complexity though it would have been more on the easy side.
  • An estimate of how long it took you to complete:
    If I had not added complexity, literally only 1-2 hours MAX. Mine took me about a day or so which I was not actually expecting to take so long but there were some unforeseen complexities I had no idea I was stepping into which I’m sure you’ll see haha.
  • The link to your code repo:

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■■■■ dude, thats epic! You really put some TLC into this project, good on ya!

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Thanks so much. Means a lot.