Mixed Messages help

Hello everyone! I am working on the mixed messages assignment and I am trying to figure out why the button for my mixed messages isn’t working. i am trying to have my song lyrics with my random word suggestion print on my web page but i cannot figure out what I am doing wrong? i have tried changing the names of my functions, and using MDN and google to find an answer but I have had no luck, would anyone have a clue to what I am doing wrong?

In the .addEventListener
you declared a function lyricList
but you did not call that function.

Also, the lyricButton.innerHTML and stuff
should be somewhere inside of that event listener too,
along with code for which drink, celebrity, and action to use in that string.

your code
lyricButton.innerHTML = `We down in ${location} going hard tonight, 
gonna throw down ${drinks} like its going out of style, 
Walk in the club fly like ${celebrity}. 
When the DJ sees me ${action} he clears the floor, 
for famous dance action that I am known for. `;


<h2 id='lyric-result'></h2>

is not valid JavaScript.

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