Mixed Messages - Have the Tattletale ZodiacBot Tell Your Future Tale

This Codecademy project was in collaboration with a fellow Codecademy user. We found each other in Discord and we challenged ourselves to not keep ourselves confined to using JavaScript. So we basically made a full-blown simple webpage that houses the JavaScript functions we want to showcase.

  • I sort of became the project manager among the two of us, although my partner did a headstart. I created this project management system to guide us through the project.
  • We filled out each other’s strengths. So, we were able to solve problems relatively quicker than doing the project alone.
  • I didn’t have a solid foundation in using GitHub for collaborative projects as of the first day of writing the code. Since the repository was not linked to my GitHub account, it took me a while to explore how to clone the repository and push commits to my friend’s repo.
  • Linking JavaScript to the HTML and CSS was the challenging part since we haven’t taken the lessons yet. However, Stack Overflow and other online resources helped a lot.
  • 2021-07-05T16:00:00Z2021-07-10T16:00:00Z Because we had varying schedules, the whole project was spaced out to one week, essentially giving each other the time to take care of other matters. At least for my part, the whole project took me 12 hours to finished the whole thing, trial and error attempts included. It was through my mistakes each step got easier and easier as I progressed.
  • Link to repository: GitHub - GabrielAllba/Mixed-Message: CodeCademy Portfolio Group Project: Mixed Message
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Your project looks great!
Good idea to include HTML and CSS to create a proper website.

Just a few suggestions that you may want to consider:

  • You could create a ‘live’ site using GitHub pages. Both Codecademy and GitHub have some fantastic articles on how you can host your site (for free).
  • When the browser is resized to near-mobile size, the header becomes hard to read as not all the content fits within the screen.
  • For the guessBirthdate() function, you could improve performance (and reduce the number of lines of code) by merging the two switch conditionals (one for the sign and one for the birthdate range).

Otherwise, your site looks really good.

Hope that helps!


Cool. I didn’t know “live” site was possible. Here is the live site.

We are still working on the responsiveness in our site. Currently, we are not there yet in our Codecademy career path. Maybe we can update this as soon as we finish those sections.