Mixed Messages - Have I missed something?

Hey all!

Just posting here because I feel like I’ve missed something as everyone else’s codebases are quite a lot larger than mine :sweat_smile:

I found it quite doable in about 20 minutes.

You can find my repository here


Same here and have the same confusion :expressionless:

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I’d be interested to see what you ended up with!

That was pretty good, straightforward.

I think I got too carried away with mine.

Thanks for your response!

Yeah I guess I was just concerned as they’d taught us a load of things that were not entirely necessary here.

No point in making it complex for the sake of it I suppose!

Just realised I can consolidate my 4 arrays into 1, see the commit here.

Does anyone know what the benefits would be of using an object rather than a nested array like this?

aah ty, that would be nice here’s my code