Mixed Messages - Fortune Teller Generator

Hey all! Here is a link to my Github Repository for the project files!

As I was working though my to-do list and pseudocode, I found a shorter and more consice way to write my code and logic by using an array with a helper function to choose a random item from that array.

This will help me increase functionality in the future by making it easy to have the user add new items to each array to increase the ammount of random fortune messages that can be generated.

Check out my code and readme and tell me what you think! Can’t wait to see y’alls projects as well.

Happy coding!


this is really interesting! i never would have nested all of my functionality inside a single function, but it looks very concise and neat.

my only critique is very small, i ran the program and received “bad news in money, and good luck in money” which, i mean, i guess is possible! and maybe adds to the mystique of the fortune being told, but might be something you’d want to account for in a future version.

also your README looks great!

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Ah, thanks for the wonderful feedback. I never thought about if it truly gave mixed messages like in your case! I guess the name was more appropriate than expected. :joy:

I will update it with an if statemet that will check if the two are equal and change to another random index!