Mixed Messages Feedback Request

Hi all! :wave:

Thanks for clicking on my post. I have just completed the Mixed Messages Portfolio Project. I have went for an initially simple solution, with the hope completing more complex additions in the future. I found this project just right, and it was really good to get some experience using Git correctly to commit and push changes, something I really needed to improve on.

This project didn’t take too long to complete, a couple hours of getting to grips with using the command line to setup the project, repo and version control. It was really useful to do all of this using the command line, and I had fun coming up with the subject.

My project generates a random message which gives you the weather on one of the planets in our solar system! It will then make a recommendation on an item of clothing to bring along with you!

Appreciate this is very simple, but any feedback at all is welcome, even down to the README.md as it is the first time I have completed one properly.

All the best, happy coding!