Mixed Messages (Feedback - Pretty Please)

Hello Reader!!

Firstly Thank You!! for taking the time to even read my post! You are a real one!!

Just a small post sharing my work on the mixed messages portfolio project (at the 25% mark) and asking for feedback/thoughts from anyone else out here on the forum.

My project I will say is extremley simple but please feel free to ask me any questions about my code and definitely feel free to give me feedback and or reccomended Improvements that I could make!


The outline of my idea for the project was to make a simple fortune generator that picks a word from a selection of three arrarys in three parts and then adds them together to create a user fortune.

Please Find a Snapshot of my code bellow:

Alternatively, If you would prefer to view it on GitHub I have version controlled and uploaded it here: GitHub - CGDowner/Mixed-Messages-Simple-Fortunes