Mixed Messages Exercise - Learning to Code Motivational Quotes


I’ve been learning in the Full Stack Path for about two months now, and today I posted my first version of Mixed Messages using motivational quotes when you are learning to code.

I think it’s rather simple, but I will continue updating it when I learn more advance stuff.

Here’s my link: Motivational Quotes

Looks good! Clean code, nicely formatted.

Have you considered building a GUI for it? That’ll tie into the whole full stack aspect of it.

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Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

Yes, I considered building a GUI for this proyect (I still considered it and I am going to make it), but I didn’t have all the knowledge for building it. I am doing the DOM lesson now, so in a few days I will continue working in it.

Also, I want to refactor my js code, I think I can iterate my random functions in order to have just one of it, instead of three.

That’s a good idea! Don’t forget to post your updated code once done :slight_smile:


Here is my Mixed message project on git hub.

My version of this project is a robot speaking to the user, it:

  • print sentences that are randomly pick.
  • create each sentence with randomly selected word

For now it is just a js program, I am hoping to turn it into a gui once i get the knowledge for it.

Any advise on how to improve my codes are very welcome :slight_smile:

Regards, David.

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Here’s mine.
I saved message parts in a nested array.


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Just looked at your code,
That is super efficient, i didn’t think of the nested array. well done :grinning: !