Mixed messages - Dnd spell generator


Really enjoyed the project, it was great to practise the javaScript and version control which I had learned. Also good practise at starting a project from scratch.

I decided to go with a dungeons and dragons theme. I tested the code using node but also created a basic HTML file to run the code. This made it easier to test all the random options.

This is the link to my repo

Thanks Chris

Hey Chris, nice proj. I forked it just for fun because I saw you had one duplicated punctuation if “You have hit and defeated the enemy.” was selected. I also modified the button from “Click Me!!” to “Cast Spell!”. Feel free to incorporate that or not.

Btw, your .vscode configuration file is included in the repo, I left it there but generally would be good to add that to the .gitignore file.
From the root directory of the repo (~/mixedMessages/ in your case) in a terminal

$ touch .gitignore
$ echo '.vscode' >> .gitignore

or (if vscode is in your PATH)

$ touch .gitignore
$ code .gitignore

and you can simply write as many lines as there are files you want to ignore.

Anyway, I liked that you integrated you javascript into an HTML file, cool stuff!

I love this project idea! It would be fun to use something like this during a real game of D&D for an extra bit of chaos! I really like how you implemented a damage system, and calculated different damages depending on the spell itself.