Mixed Messages - completely random sentence generator

Hey everbobdy,

I am eager to get feedback for my project. I started today but might continue adjusting it and adding features, depending on wheter some interesting ideas come in my head. Maybe you have also suggestions. Either on improving the code or other features.

Right now I was working about 3 Hours on this. Interestingly the “hardest” part wasnt/is not the programming itself but understanding the english grammar and structure algorithms in a way, that a readable sentence is generated. This was especially challenging as I am not a native speaker, and even if I even do not know all grammatical rules in my native language. I have included a little bit more detailed explanation in my readme. Also under “Inspiration” in the Readme I am linking documents that maybe explain the logic a little bit further.

the code is hosted on my gitlab: https://gitlab.com/felsenuboot/messagegenerator