Mixed Messages: Cave Person Quote Generator

I was surprised by my ability to tackle this actually. Knowing that it was possible somehow was really encouraging. I just had to google to get started. A lot of the work dealt with finding text editors to clean up my words lists so I could use them in the code properly. Some had too many spaces between words etc. I picked up a lot of new tools I added to my Dev bookmarks folder. It really hit me that it’s not just coding all day, it really is problem-solving on multiple levels- which I love doing. I don’t know how long it took to complete and I actually meant to set a timer, but I got so lost in the journey of figuring everything out, so I think there’s some value in that also. It probably took a couple of hours and now it would take 45 minutes! When I finished the last edit and it worked, I feel like I left a trance. I saved some minor edits, just to show my understanding of version control.

Great project to get us thinking and seeing what some parts of future days will look like.


A few suggestions on the code:

  • you seem to be declaring more variables than you need. nounsArr, pronounsArr and verbsArr are just duplicates of the ones above.
  • the indentation in your function doesn’t follow convention. There should only be one level of indentation in total within that function.
    Hope that’s helpful.

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