Mixed messages; Animals doing things

My mixed messages project with coding buddies YassirMaghzaz and @malimar99.
the two sentences are supposed to resemble the sort of verb comparisons you see in English language language books.

  • Coding was pretty easy.
  • This took about an hour and a half to do the code on a call with the other guys. In fairness that also included trying to figure git out, so we could share our work, and an in depth conversation about the merits of AI.
    Maybe another hour to rework into a webpage and test it on git hub pages (most getting the css just right ;).
  • Git hosted here: GitHub - masteroffluff/MixedMessages: Mixed messages for Codecademy
    Web link for output: Mixed Messages

Very nice way to randomize a sentence and still make sense!

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It functions well! Great job!
If you want to take it further try adding some more styles.

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